Welcome to Jamun Tree
Clothing is exclusive characteristics to the human species. Since Centuries before the Christian era, India as a civilization has been the repository of matchless skills in woven textiles from where it was spread to the Mediterranean countries. The inhabitants of the Indus Valley Civilization used cotton for clothing as early as the 5th Millennium BC – 4th Millennium BC.
As the use of clothing spread it got adapted and moulded into the colors and cultures of the region. It became a medium of silent communication, conveying messages as distinct as of class, stature, beauty and difference. The inherent desire to be different led to the evolution of fashion as a concept.

picIn all this seemingly unending and futile search for the “Holy Grail” of style statement the fashion industry has continued to evolve into an unending journey which sometimes defies the very objectivity that clothing has to achieve.
In our humble understanding at “JAMUN TREE” Clothing is an human expression which besides providing the much needed protection and comfort needs to compliment “us” as individuals. Contributing to completing a part of our identity and to some degree enhancing or bringing out the beauty in “us”, without overwhelming us.
“JAMUN TREE” as a brand endeavors to achieve this simple but elegant objective.

   Brand Visuals
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